How to Fix It Netflix Error Code s7381-1204 – Updated 2024

On Mac computers, the error code S7381 often denotes a problem with the HTML5 player that Netflix uses to stream TV shows and movies on Safari. You might be asking how to resolve the s7381-1204 Netflix problem.

You could, however, try some troubleshooting techniques to solve the issue, which include updating your operating system, switching to a different browser, and finally, turning off your computer. You must comprehend this error’s nature and the reasons for its occurrence before learning how to correct it.

What Is Netflix Error Code s7381-1204?

If you get the S7381-1204 Netflix video playback error, it’s time to update your macOS device. Netflix needs to be updated on your device to continue operating without any problems with certain data and functions.

This error code s7381-1204 is not a first-time occurrence for you. Numerous individuals have experienced it, and it happens rather regularly.
On a Mac, the error number S7381-1204 typically comes along with these messages-

  • Whoops, something went wrong.
  • Unexpected Error
  • An unexpected error occurred. Please try again after refreshing the page.

Extreme information on your computer is to blame for this. On Netflix, it is referred to as the video playback error. Generally speaking, it means that your macOS needs to be updated. For Netflix to continue operating well, it is crucial to periodically update certain data and operations.

Why Does Netflix Error Code s7381-1204 Occur?

 Netflix Error Code s7381-1204

According to Netflix, this problem usually happens when your Mac computer has to be cleaned up or updated because it has a lot of extreme information saved on it. As you use the internet more and surf more, this trash keeps piling up. Any garbage cleaners can be used to maintain cleaning this. Even yet, occasionally cleaning your computer might be challenging.

How To Fix Netflix Error Code s7381-1204?

Now that you are aware of Netflix error code s7381-1204 and its causes. It’s time to research the best repairs or solutions to the problem. Let’s examine the potential remedies for this problem.

Method 1

Refresh your operating system

The outdated OS may be the source of this problem. As a result, you might consider updating your Mac’s operating system.


  • To upgrade to OS X version 10.11.1 or even a later version, go to Apple’s support website.
  • Follow the instructions according to what’s mentioned and make sure your system is in working condition and well-updated.

Numerous customers have stated that their problem was resolved as a result of doing this.

Method 2

Change your browser

The reason the garbage files are placed in your system could be related to a browser malfunction.


  • On your Mac machine, you might try to avoid the issue by selecting a different browser.
  • Or, if it’s possible, pick a different Netflix-compatible device.

If this method does not work for you, do not worry. We have more methods to go about it.

Method 3

Put your computer system to sleep

You might be able to eliminate this issue by shutting down your computer. To shut down your computer, according to the directions provided:


  • Use the menu to shut down your computer.
  1. For a Mac, click Apple Menu in the upper left corner, followed by the Shut Down button.
  2. For Windows, select the Power button from the Start Menu, followed by Shut Down.
  3. For a Chromebook, move your cursor to the bottom right corner, click the time, then select Sign out from the drop-down menu, and finally select Shut Down.
  • After your computer has been off for roughly 10 seconds, restart it.
  • Restart it and try to open Netflix once more.

Numerous Netflix users who have the same problem have reported success using this method. We hope it will also resolve your problem.

Method 4

Close the Safari browser, then turn the computer off

These techniques have a history of fixing errors.


  • Close your entire system after closing the Safari browser.
  • Turn it on, and open a fresh Safari window.
  • Then launch Netflix after waiting for around 3 minutes.

If none of these solutions work, you can get more help from Netflix Customer Service.

Method 5

Netflix’s recommendations to fix this problem

According to Netflix, it usually refers to data that is computer-stored and needs to be updated. To fix the problem, adhere to the troubleshooting methods listed below.


  • Put your computer to sleep.

The menu will allow you to shut down your machine.

  • Turn off the computer for at least a few seconds.
  • Restart it, then try Netflix once more.

Hope this helped.

Method 6

Fix the playback error

If you get the S7381-1204 Netflix video playback error, it’s time to update your macOS device. Netflix needs to be updated on your device to continue operating without any problems with certain data and functions.


  • Start by closing all open programs and the Safari browser.
  • Select Shut Down by clicking the Apple icon on your MacBook.
  • Ideally, wait for three minutes.
  • After that, turn on your MacBook.
  • Reopen the Safari browser, then launch Netflix.

This will fix the playback error caused by s7381-1204

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What should I do if changing my browser doesn’t fix the error?

Ans. If switching browsers doesn’t help, consider clearing your browser’s cache or trying to access Netflix from another device to determine if the issue is specific to your computer.

Q2. . How effective is restarting my computer in fixing Netflix errors?

Ans. Restarting your computer can clear the temporary cache and close any processes that might be causing issues with Netflix. This is often an effective solution for resolving minor glitches and errors.

6. What other steps can I take if the standard troubleshooting methods don’t work?

Ans. If standard methods fail, you might need to contact Netflix Customer Support for further assistance. They can provide more specific guidance based on the details of your situation.

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