Fixes For Disney+ Error Code 142 (Solve In 60 Sec)

Error 142 occurring on Disney means the servers are likely unavailable due to a bug or undergoing maintenance. Further, another cause can be your internet connection or an out-of-date application that requires an update. Like other streaming services, Disney Plus also has some issues, and error code 142 is one that users encounter while using Disney Plus.

There are many movies, TV shows, and documentary shows on Disney that people love to enjoy. Many people subscribed to the Disney ott platform when Disney came out with its ott. This platform has attracted People. But many are facing issues.

Some Disney users have reported seeing this weird error called Disney Plus Error Code 142 while watching a movie or TV show on Disney.

You don’t need to worry about this problem because it is a small issue that can be handled and overcome easily.

What Is Error Code 142 On Disney Plus?

Error 142 is an indication of some problem in running your application smoothly. When you attempt to stream content on Disney Plus, it will repeatedly show error 142 due to underlying problems.

The Error Code 142 indicates an issue with your application. It could be related to your internet connection or server. With the proper procedures, such problems are simple to resolve.

Causes Of Error Code 142 Occur On Disney Plus?

Error code 142 on Disney Plus occurs due to an unstable or poor internet connection, server issues, or an outdated app version.

Additionally, there are numerous possible causes for a server to become unavailable. A failure may be caused by a physical machine losing power or an issue with the operating system or network card, among other variables.

Furthermore, coming to the issue of a bug, the term ‘bug’ refers to errors in software or other program components. These errors may result in unexpected outcomes or erratic conduct. In the best-case scenario, a software bug may only affect performance. In the worst-case scenario, the software may crash.

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Another issue is improper maintenance. Many individuals believe that once an app has been created, it will run by itself. This is not the case, however. Frequently, new mobile phones are introduced to the market, and the same mobile apps need maintenance.

Disney+ Error Code 142

How To Fix Disney Plus Error Code 142?

The following troubleshooting steps for Disney Plus may help you resolve this issue.

Method 1

Quit and Relaunch the Disney App.


  • exit the Disney Plus app 
  • Restart it after a few mins of closing it 

Method 2

Check Your Internet Connection


  • Disconnect your mobile or Wi-Fi internet connection from the device on which you are using Disney+
  • Try restarting the modem and the router.
  • wait at least 30 seconds
  • then reconnect.
  • If this doesn’t work, you should call your internet service provider.

Method 3

Logout of the Disney Plus App

  • Log out of the App
  • Wait for a few seconds
  • try logging in back and see if it got resolved

Method 4

Update Your App

Occasionally, you may have neglected to update your Disney Plus app to the most recent version, which could cause this issue. The app update problem usually happens on android devices. Disney Plus error code 142 Android problem can be removed in the following way :

  • Go to the app store or any other software used to download apps
  • Search for Disney plus and click on the update button
  • If you find that option, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the application.

Method 5

Turn Off Proxy or VPN

If you use a proxy or VPN application, disable them. Occasionally, a VPN app or proxy prevents you from watching a movie or television program. After disabling VPN, remember to restart your device and then launch the Disney Plus app.

Disney+ Error Code 142

Method 6

Utilize Diverse Devices or Browsers

Occasionally, you may encounter error code 142 when watching a Disney Plus movie due to browser cache or cookie issues.

Try using a different browser on your computer to determine if Disney Plus is functioning. Different types of caches and cookies do not let an app function properly. Changing the browser can help in this case.

Sometimes a specific app is not permitted on some browsers. Changing the browser can help you with this too.

Method 7

Error Code 142 for Disney Plus on Amazon FireStick and Fire TV

If error code 142 appears on your Amazon FireStick or Fire TV, repeat the above troubleshooting steps. These consist of:

  • Close and relaunch the Disney Plus application
  • Examine your network connection
  • Examine server
  • Unsubscribe from Disney Plus
  • Update the App for Disney Plus
  • Remove and reinstall the Disney Plus application.
  • Try an alternative device or browser.

Method 8

Examine Disney Server

Occasionally, due to Disney’s servers, we encounter similar issues. Before attempting any other solution, it is vital to determine if Disney’s servers are down or operational.

To determine the status of the Disney server, you can consult the official Disney Plus social media channels or third-party websites such as down detector.

If Disney’s servers are offline, you must wait until they resolve the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Disney Plus error Code 93?

Error Code 93 for Disney Plus means Suspicious Activity. It occurs when Disney Plus detects suspicious activity, such as sharing login parameters with another household’s account or individuals from a different household.

What does error code 142 on Disney Plus mean?

Error code 142 on Disney plus means there are server problems. The servers are likely unavailable due to a bug or because they are undergoing maintenance. Moreover, Another cause of Error Code 142 could be your internet connection or an out-of-date application that requires an update.

How do I fix error code 93 on Disney Plus?

Clear your browser’s cache and cookies if you encounter the Disney Plus error code 93. Open the App’s settings, locate the cache cleaner, and click the Clear Data button.

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