How To Fix Return Spectrum Equipment

As a Spectrum customer, it’s important to understand that all equipment provided by Spectrum, including modems, routers, Spectrum receivers, and other auxiliary equipment, remains the property of Spectrum. If you’re planning to move out of the Spectrum coverage area or downgrade services, it’s crucial to give Spectrum a call before returning any leased equipment.

According to Spectrum’s policy, you are responsible for returning leased equipment when requested. However, you are not required to return remotes, splitters, or cables that originally came with the equipment. To ensure a smooth return process, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with Spectrum’s guidelines and follow their instructions carefully.

How To Return Spectrum Equipment

Return Spectrum Equipment

Discover the 5 different methods available for returning your Spectrum equipment. Whether you’re disconnecting your Spectrum service or downgrading your plan, it’s crucial to know that you must return the equipment within 15 days from the day of disconnection or downgrading to avoid late fees. Spectrum’s unreturned equipment fee can be charged if the equipment is not returned within the specified timeframe.

Don’t miss out on the details of where and how to return your Spectrum equipment. Learn about the 5 convenient options available to you and make sure to meet the 15-day deadline to avoid any additional fees. Stay informed and fulfill your obligation to return Spectrum equipment in a timely manner.

Different Ways To Return

As I said before, there are 5 different ways to return your Spectrum equipment. Those are

  1. Spectrum Store Drop-Off
  2. Returning via FedEx
  3. Returning via UPS
  4. Returning via U.S. Postal Service
  5. Equipment Pickup

Now let me discuss these methods in detail one by one.

1. Spectrum Store Drop-Off

If you stay near a Spectrum physical store, then this method is for you.

Spectrum has more than 650 stores in the US. So if you stay in a popular location or city, there must be a Spectrum store near your location.

Just visit Spectrum’s official website or utilize Spectrum Store Locator and you will get your nearest Spectrum Store.

But what you should do if there are no Spectrum stores near your location? If this is your situation, then there are the rest of the 4 methods which you can take in order to return your Spectrum equipment.

2. Returning via FedEx

FedEx is probably the best delivery service in the US. And it really does not matter where you stay in the US, you will surely find a FedEx store around your place. You can use their service to return your Spectrum equipment. Pack the equipment and take the box to any of the FedEx stores.

Make sure you do not drop the box to any FedEx Dropbox because that will not work in this case. Once you reach their office, the representatives will help you accordingly.

But keep in mind the fact that is, not all the equipment you can return via FedEx. You can return only –

  • The Wi-Fi routers
  • The Voice Modems
  • DOCSIS 3.0 Modems and the Gateway Devices
  • DOCSIS 2.0 Wi-Fi Gateway Devices

The other equipment will not be accepted by FedEx.

There are a few things you have to keep in mind in case you are opting for the FedEx service in order to return Spectrum equipment.

  • If you get a return label, you must attach that with the shipment box.
  • You must take out the old covers such as plastics from the equipment.
  • You must have to seal the box correctly.
  • You must save the receipt and the tracking no. so that you can report to Spectrum that you are returning their equipment along with the reference no.
3. Returning via UPS

If you are searching for another delivery service, you can opt for UPS. They also can return the equipment to Spectrum on behalf of you. The procedure is the same as FedEx. You pack the equipment up and take them to your nearest UPS store. If you do not know where the nearest UPS store is, you can use the UPS Store Locator on the official website of UPS.

Many people opt for UPS because returning Spectrum equipment via UPS is absolutely free of cost! The only thing you need to do is to tell the representatives that you are a Spectrum consumer and now you want to return the equipment. The representatives will take over from there.

It is recommended to keep the receipt in order to track your shipment using that. The only problem if could face while returning Spectrum equipment via UPS is, if you are a business client, then you cannot return more than 10 devices via this service. But if you are an individual client, there will be no such issues.

4. Returning via U.S. Postal Service

If there are no FedEx or UPS stores near your location, you can still use the U.S. Postal Service in order to return your Spectrum equipment. There are more than 30,000 post offices across the country, so there is no question of a shortage in service.

But one thing you have to keep in mind is, to try to use the same package of devices that you got while receiving them in order to return Spectrum equipment via the U.S. Postal Service. You can seal it properly if the package is torn, or not in a proper condition. You must attach the return label here also with the shipment package.

This service is also free of cost. But if you use this service, there could be a chance of taking a longer time than usual in reaching the shipment to Spectrum. In this case, just dial the given phone no. of Spectrum and tell that you have already sent the equipment via U.S. Postal Service Also mention that you have a receipt while you dial Spectrum so that things don’t go out of your hand!

Return Spectrum Equipment

5. Equipment Pickup

This service is only available for disabled consumers.

In this case, you only have to inform Spectrum that you want to return the Spectrum equipment. Then Spectrum will send their representatives along with technicians who will take the equipment from your location.

So these were all the 5 methods by which you can return Spectrum equipment to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do you send equipment back to the Spectrum?
Ans. There are 5 ways by which you can send Spectrum equipment back to them. Those are –

  • Spectrum Store Drop-Off
  • Returning via FedEx
  • Returning via UPS
  • Returning via U.S. Postal Service
  • Equipment Pickup

Q2. Can I return my Spectrum equipment to a Spectrum store?
Ans. Yes, you can always return your Spectrum equipment to a Spectrum store near you. If you live in a popular place, then there should be at least one Spectrum store near your location. You can pack the devices well and take them to the store in order to return them. You can go to the official Spectrum website to look for the nearest Spectrum store for you.

Q3. How long do you have to return equipment to Spectrum?
Ans. In the terms and conditions of Spectrum, there are clearly written that if you disconnect the service, or downgrade a plan, then you have to return the equipment within 15 days. If you fail to return the equipment within 15 days, Spectrum will charge you a late fee.

Q4. How do I get a return label from the Spectrum?
Ans. You should get a return label at the time of subscribing to Spectrum services. If you ordered the service online, then you can call at (833) 224 6603. This is the number of Spectrum. Once you call the number and ask for a return label, they will give you a return authorization number. Remember that if you want to return the equipment, you must use the prepaid shipping label.

To Wrap All Up

Now after reading this article, you should be able to return Spectrum equipment without any hassle. I have thoroughly discussed all the methods of returning Spectrum equipment and briefly explained the late fee. So return your Spectrum equipment within time if you want to avoid the late fee. All the best!

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