How To Unpair Firestick Remote?

Unpairing is removing an Amazon Fire TV Stick’s remote from it. If you pair a new remote with your Firestick, you must unpair the currently connected device. You can unpair any connected remote from Firestick by visiting Settings on your device. Open Settings and then go to “Controllers and Bluetooth Devices.” 

You can go to the Amazon Fire TV Remote section and select the remote you want to unpair. The unpairing of a remote is quite simple and comes in handy when you want to add a new remote. 

When Should You Unpair Your Fire Stick Remote?

The process of unpair a firestick remote comes in handy when you want to pair a new remote with it. However, if you want to use the same Fire TV remote with another fire device, you must unpair it first. 

Secondly, unpairing a remote also comes helpful in cases when your previous connected device is damaged in any way. For example, if your previous connected device is not working properly, you can try reconnecting the remote with Firestick.

How To Unpair Fire Stick Remote When You Have Two Remotes Paired To The Same Device?

People having spare remotes keep both remotes paired with their Firestick in a ready-to-use condition. If you have more than one remote connection to your Fire TV Stick and want to disconnect one, you can always disconnect any single remote. Follow these below shared steps to unpair the fire tv remote when two or more remotes are paired with one device:

  • Open Settings on your Firestick and visit the “Controllers and Bluetooth Devices” option. 
  • You must go to the “Amazon Fire TV Remotes” option. 
  • A list of all connected Fire TV remotes will appear on the screen. Select the remote you want to disconnect and click on the hamburger icon. 

Go unpair the remote you want to remove and keep the remaining remotes connected to your Fire TV Stick.

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How To Unpair Firestick Remote?

7 Simple Methods To unpair Firestick remote

To proceed with pairing your new Fire TV remote, you need to unpair some of the previously paired remotes. There are also some cases where people like to use the same remote on different Fire TV; in such cases, again, you have to unpair the Fire TV remote from the current device. There are a variety of methods to unpair the Firestick remote. Here’s a complete guide on the seven best methods to unpair the Firestick remote:

1. Unparing Fire TV Stick (one remote only)

Fire TV stick lets you connect one or two remotes to your device. If your Firestick has only one remote connected, unpairing it becomes easier. You can just unplug the Firestick from the device, and your remote will be automatically unpaired from the Firestick. Next, you can add this remote to any other Fire TV device you want.

2. Unpairing Fire TV Stick (two remotes)

If you have two remotes connected to Fire TV Stick, then you want to unpair one of them. Then you can do this under Settings of your Fire TV. First, select the “Controllers and Bluetooth Devices” option to Settings on your Firestick. Next, the list of paired remotes will be shown on the screen. Select one of these at a time and select the “Remove from Device” option from the hamburger menu. 

3. Using Mobile Apps To Unpair Fire Remote

Another great method to unpair the Fire TV stick remote is the Amazon Fire TV mobile application. Follow these steps to unpair the Fire TV remote using a mobile application:

  • First of all, download the app on your device and open it. 
  • Next, you must pair your mobile application with your Fire TV device.
  • Once paired, go to the “Controllers and Bluetooth Devices” option and then go to “: Amazon Fire TV Remotes.”
  • Now select the option of “Paired Remote” and your desired remote. 
  • Next, select “Unpair,” and then you can go ahead and pair another remote with it.

That’s it! The remote you just selected is now unpaired from your Firestick, and you can use this remote with another device by pairing it with them.

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How To Unpair Firestick Remote?

4. Manual Settings to Unpair Fire TV Remote

There is always an option to take things in your hand and manually unpair your Fire TV remote in Settings. If you want to unpair the remote manually, then here are a few steps you have to follow:

  • First, you must go to Settings on your Fire TV. 
  • Next, open the “Controllers and Bluetooth Devices” menu. 
  • Next, select the “Amazon Fire TV Remotes” section and click on the remote you want to remove.
  • Now, you must use the second remote and click on the three-dot (hamburger icon) option.
  • Next, click the unpair option to unpair that remote with your Firestick. 

Again, you need two separate remotes connected with the same Fire TV Stick to unpair one of them.

5. Reset Your Fire TV Stick

If the previous remote you paired with your Fire TV is causing trouble, you still have an option to unpair it again. To start the process of unpairing, turn on your Fire TV stick and disconnect it from other devices. Afterward, select the Reset option Settings of your Fire TV. All the previously connected remotes will be unpaired from that Fire TV device.

6. Reset The Fire TV Remote

Worst case scenario, you can also reset your Fire TV remote. This will temporarily unpair your Fire TV stick from the remote, and you can go ahead to pair it with another device. To reset your Fire TV remote, press and hold the Home button and then tap nine times on the Menu button. 

Now take out the batteries of the remote and unplug the Firestick. Wait for one minute and plug in the batteries and the Firestick. You have successfully reset your Fire TV remote and can now connect it to any device you want.

7. Pro Tip To Unpair Firestick Remote

If you are looking for how to unpair a firestick remote, the best way is to unplug the currently paired Fire TV Stick from the power source. However, you need a spare Fire TV remote and a second Fire device (Fire Cube or Fire-Lite) to use this method. 

Once the Firestick is turned off, your remote will automatically disconnect from the system, and you can go on to connect it with another Fire TV Stick. Likewise, once your Fire TV is powered off, it will eliminate any previously connected remote and bring up the pairing screen on other devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.How do you unpair a remote?
Ans. If two remotes are available and both are paired with the same Firestick, then you can unpair one of them from Settings. However, you must select “Unpair” from all connected remotes using the second remote to remove it. 

2. Do you have to unpair the Fire Stick remote?
Ans. No, you do not have to unpair your Fire TV remote. Sometimes, if your initial remote is causing trouble, you can reset it from Settings. The default remote will be unpaired from the Fire TV device without turning it off, and later you can pair it with other devices.

3. How do I reprogram my Fire Stick remote to a new TV?
Ans. First, you must unpair that Fire TV remote from the currently paired device from “Settings.” After unpairing, you can easily connect that remote to the new device from the Pairing section.

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