Don’t Let Netflix Error Code UI3012 Ruin Your Binge-Watching

You might be wondering how to fix Netflix error code ui 3012. Here are some ways to fix this error on Netflix:

refreshing the page or website, turning off your VPN, checking the Netflix server, using a different browser, using a different network restarting your network and so on. In this article, we will further discuss more about how you can easily fix this error code ui3012 on Netflix.           

What Is Netflix Error Code UI3012?

Error code ui3012 on Netflix is an extremely common error that can occur at any point in time while you’re trying to connect with Netflix error ui3012. It even appears when you’re trying to open the app or watch any content on it. 

It mostly occurs on the website or the application on a MAC or Windows PC, however, that in no way means that it can’t appear on other streaming devices like Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, or even on your mobile application. 

It typically appears with a message such as :

“Whoops something went wrong” or “Unexpected error” It doesn’t specify why the error occurs, but it also fixes itself when you just reload or refresh the page. However, sometimes the error might persist. It is categorized as a network error. 

Why Does Netflix Error Code UI3012 Occur?

netflix error code ui3012

We have already discussed what the error code ui3012 is and how it appears before us. Now let us explore why is this error caused. Netflix ui3012 officially recognized this error to be caused because of a network issue. 

It mostly happens when there is an interruption in the network for any reason. It can be because of any possible reason- be it wifi or router issue, poor network connection, or even a serious server issue. 

How To Fix Netflix Error Code UI3012?

Here are some of the ways to fix error code ui3012 Netflix. Most of these methods have proved to be effective. So let’s see what they are-

Method 1- Refresh The Page/Website/App

The first method that you can try is refreshing the web page or Netflix app.

Step 1- Reload the page by dragging the screen down with a finger or the cursor.

Step 2- Now try to see if the error code appears again. There are maximum chances it will get fixed. 

Method 2-  Turn Off The VPN

A virtual Private Network can act as a barrier to the network system at times. And can cause hindrances in the pathway of proper transmission of data between your device and Netflix. You should turn it off and then try again.

Step 1- Open the VPN and turn it off.

Step 2– Now refresh your internet connection and try again. This might solve your problem.

Method 3- Check Netflix Server

netflix error code ui3012

This might be happening because the Netflix server is down. So you need to ensure the fact that there are no server errors on Netflix’s part.

Step 1- Go to their Twitter account and see if others have also reported outages or not.

Step 2- In case you find that other people are also reporting the same issue then you don’t have much to do, but wait until Netflix repairs it.

Method 4- Try A Different Browser

It might also be a specific browser issue. Therefore, it is ideal to try a different browser to open the Netflix website. You might see that as soon as you change the browser the error might immediately disappear.

Sometimes due to some browser blockage, this error might appear on Netflix. Changing the browser on any streaming device will solve this issue. 

Certain browsers experience an immense amount of traffic at times which can even cause network disruption which will prevent Netflix from working and this error will occur.

Method 5- Connect To Different Network

In case you are using a public network, it might block the functioning of Netflix. In such cases, it would be wise to change and shift to a private network. 

This can happen even if you are using a problematic internet connection. In that case, it is wise to change your ISP to move to a better and faster network. In case your router or modem is faulty, it will be wise to change it and get a new one.

Method 6- Restart Your Network

As we have already discussed it might be a network issue. You can fix this issue by following the given steps-

Step 1- Unplug your modem/router leave it off for about 30 seconds and then power it up again. 

Step 2- Now plug in your modem and wait for it to start up completely.

Step 3- Power up your router and wait for it to fully start up.

Step 4- Lastly, turn on your computer reconnect to your network if it is necessary, and then try to open Netflix. Most probably the error will disappear.

Most probably these methods will be working efficiently and you will be able to get rid of the error. 


Q1. How do I fix a Netflix error code ui3012?

Ans. The error code ui3012  is majorly a network error. Although, there are specific ways of fixing this error. You can try these methods to fix the error- refreshing the page/app, turning off the VPN, checking the Netflix error, using a different browser, restarting the network, and so on. 

There are chances that this error might get resolved after you try these fixes, in case it doesn’t you can communicate it to Netflix Customer Support.

Q2. What causes Netflix error code ui3012

Ans. As we have already discussed previously in this article, that error code ui3012 is primarily a network error. It can be caused due to interruptions in the network. It might be the result of poor internet connection, server connection error, Wi-Fi/Router issue or any such thing.  

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