Want To Know Why Nvidia Control Panel Won’T Open?

Nvidia Control Panel Won’T Open is a very essential component for every graphics card user on their computer systems.

It allows you to adjust all the features of your graphics card such as colour settings, screen refresh rate, resolution, and even G-sync and many more features. Previously they came as a compact package with Windows, however, that’s not the case now.

Although you can easily download it on your system from Microsoft Windows Store. However, there are some problems that also develop in using the NVIDIA control panel- such as it, not opening.

You might be wondering why Nvidia Control Panel Won’T Open! Well, we have got your back.

Wondering How To Get Nvidia Control Panel?

There are mainly two ways to get/download the NVIDIA control panel on your system. You can either download it from the Microsoft Store or follow another alternative method.

Steps To Follow To Download It Via Microsoft Store-

  1. Go to the Microsoft Store and type NVIDIA Control panel in the search bar.
  2. Download the application on your system.
  3. Once it is downloaded, it will auto-install on your system.
  4. Now you can use the control panel once it detects the NVIDIA graphics card on your system.

Automatically Download Nvidia Control Panel Using Driver Easy-

  1. Download and install Driver Easy on your system.
  2. Run the app and click on the scan button. Driver Easy will automatically scan and detect the graphics card and drivers.
  3. Just click on the update button next to the  NVIDIA graphics card. Or click Update all.

The NVIDIA Control panel app is now installed on your device and you can easily use it to control graphic specifications on your system.

Why Won’t Nvidia Control Panel Open?

Are you thinking Nvidia Control Panel Won’T Open too? There can be a few reasons why the NVIDIA control panel app might not be opening, let us see what they can be.

The NVIDIA control panel app primarily works on PCs with NVIDIA graphics cards, so if you have changed your graphics card or change certain specifications it won’t work any longer.

You will be getting error messages of “Unable to detect NVIDIA graphics card on your system”, in that case.

Want To Know Why Nvidia Control Panel Won’T Open
Why Won’t Nvidia Control Panel Open?

Apart from that if you made some recent changes to your system and your windows is not compatible with the app, it might not function.

There might be some other issues on your system too which might prevent NVIDIA control panel from opening.

Ways To Open NVIDIA Control Panel

There are a few ways to open NVIDIA Control Panel on your computer system-

Desktop Method-

Just follow these steps-

Step 1– Right-Click on any empty space on the Desktop.

Step 2– Locate the NVIDIA Control Panel in the Context Panel.

Step 3– Click on the option to launch the app.

Control Panel Method-

If you fail to find the NVIDIA Control Panel on the Context Menu, use Control Panel to open it.  Just follow these steps-

Step 1– Go to the Search option for Windows.

Step 2– Type Control Panel.

Step 3– Click on Control Panel from the results.

Step 4– Move to Hardware and Sound.

Step 5– You will be able to find it at the bottom of all other options.

How To Fix Nvidia Control Panel Won’t Open?

You might be feeling that why the nvidia control panel won’t open windows 8/10/11. Well, we have some fixes for you.

1) Update Your Driver

  • Click on the Start Menu
  • Launch Device Manager
  • Go to Display Adapters.
  • Right-click on the NVIDIA.
  • Select Update Driver.

The wizard will automatically update the graphics driver. In other cases, you can try and directly go to the website to download the latest version of the app. You can use certain third-party websites to update too.

2) Update Your System

  • Press Windows+ I to launch the settings
  • Go to systems and security and Update
  • Go to Windows Update
  • Click on check for updates
  • Wait until the System finishes the update.
  • Now try and open NVIDIA Control Panel now.

3) Restart NVIDIA Control Panel

  • Press Cntrl+Shift+Esc to open the Task Manager.
  • Go to the Applications tab.
  • Right-click on NVIDIA Control Panel App.
  • Select END TASK
  • Exit the Task Manager.

Now relaunch the NVIDIA Control Panel App again.

4) Check For Necessary Services

  • Press Windows+R to open the command prompt.
  • Type services.msc in it.
  • Click OK
  • Go to NVIDIA Display Container LS.
  • See if it’s running
  • If it isn’t, right-click on it.
  • Select Restart.

5) Fix The Registry

  • Launch Run Prompt by Pressing Windows+R
  • Type regedit
  • Hit enter
  • It will open the Registry Editor
  • Select Directory
  • Click Background
  • Select ContextMenuHandler
  • Right-click on NvCplDesktopHandler
  • Click Delete
  • Go back to Background
  • Right-click on Shell.
  • Click on New
  • Select Key
  • Name it NVIDIA Control Panel
  • Right-click on NVIDIA Control Panel
  • Go to New
  • Select Key
  • Name it Command
  • Go to default value and double click
  • In Value Data type C:\Windows\System32\nvcplui.exe
  • Click OK
  • Restart your System

6) Check Your Anti-Virus Program

Sometimes your Anti-virus might prevent the Nvidia Control Panel from opening. Certain Anti-Virus might have a conflict with the NVIDIA Control Panel. To fix this issue Go to the settings of your Anti-Virus and make sure nothing is blocking the Control panel app.

If something is restricting the NVIDIA control panel to open just disable it. In the worst-case scenario just uninstall your Anti-Virus.

Nvidia Control Panel Won’T Open
Nvidia Control Panel Won’T Open

7) Uninstall NVIDIA Graphics Card Driver

You can Uninstall your Graphics Driver and then install it again. There are two ways to uninstall it-

Via Device Manager-

  • Right-click on the Start Menu
  • Select Device Manager
  • Click on Display Adapters
  • Right-click on the NVIDIA graphics card
  • Select Uninstall
  • Click on Yes for confirmation.

Via Control Panel-

  • Press the Windows+X key
  • From the menu, select Control Panel
  • Click on Uninstall Program
  • Uninstall NVIDIA and its associated files and programmes.

Now reinstall it again.

8) Check That Your Nvidia Control Panel Isn’t Hidden

  • Press Windows+S to open the Search Bar
  • Type Control Panel
  • Select Control Panel from search results
  • Open NVIDIA control panel.
  • Click on Desktop Tab
  • Select Add Desktop Context Menu
  • Click on show notification tray icon.

9) Select Highest Display Resolution

  • Right-click on an empty area on the Desktop
  • Click on Display Settings
  • Select the Highest Resolution
  • Click Apply and then OK
  • Now restart your system
  • All the changes will now get applied and the NVIDIA Control Panel App will also work.

If you can’t access nvidia control panel windows 10, then try any of these hacks to solve the issue. One of these will definitely help you to fix the issue.    

Know why the nvidia control panel keeps closing every time!

If you are a user of the NVIDIA graphics driver and the nvidia control panel closes after opening, then it is obvious for you to get worried.

This might be happening because of a driver-related issue, which could mean that either you are using a broken driver or it is an outdated driver. 

In case your driver is damaged or broken in that case you will need to replace it with a new one. However, in case of an outdated driver you just need to update it.

Why Is Nvidia Control Panel Not Opening Not Connected To Display?

If you are an NVIDIA graphics card user and your Nvidia Control Panel Won’T Open and is displaying the message  “Not Connected to display”, then probably your graphics driver has got an update.

If you have not updated before then make sure to update it to its latest version. Try and update it to its latest version. Once the update is done just restart your system and your NVIDIA control panel will open again.

Want To Know Why Nvidia Control Panel Won’T Open
Why Is Nvidia Control Panel Not Opening Not Connected To Display


1. Why Is My Nvidia Control Panel Not Opening?

If your NVIDIA Control Panel is not opening it could be a result of broken or outdated drivers, Windows updates, or hung processes. Apart from these, your Anti-Virus must be causing some troubles that are preventing the app to open.

2. How Do I Force Open Nvidia Control Panel?

To force open NVIDIA Control Panel restart the process of Control Panel. Then, press Cntrl+Shift+Esc together at the time to launch Task Manager.

To Wrap Up

In this guide, we have discussed with you all the solutions to fix and open the NVIDIA control panel. If you are also worried about why Nvidia Control Panel Won’T Open then you can try one of our hacks!

Although, if nothing works or you are unable to install the program, then you must check the specifications and requirements that are required to install the program. Once you ensure everything is in place this problem might get resolved.

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