What Channel Is ESPN Plus On DirecTV

Go to channel numbers 206 and 1206 on your DirecTV connection to watch your favorite channel ESPN Plus.

ESPN is probably the biggest giant in the realm of sports broadcasting. You will hardly be able to recall when ESPN was not there in the world of sports. 

There was a time when we had to chase our favorite game to watch. But as time changed, numerous known and unknown sports were added to the broadcasting list of ESPN. Now we all watch ESPN just to know what is happening in the sports realm.

But to watch ESPN Plus on DirecTV, you have to know what channel is ESPN Plus on DirecTV. And here in this article, you will get to know everything related to watching ESPN Plus on DirecTV.

ESPN+ On DirecTV – Know Your Favorite Channel Position

What Channel Is ESPN Plus On DirecTV

ESPN+ on DirecTV provides not only the traditional ESPN sports channel but also a bunch of sister channels dedicated to broadcasting sports. Those channels are – ESPN 2, ESPN Classic, ESPNEWS, ESPNU, and many others.

And you can watch all these channels on your DirecTV if you subscribe to ESPN Plus using the ESPN app. This is one of the best things that you will get if you watch ESPN on the DirecTV channel.

Let me give you a complete list of the channels included in ESPN Plus which you will be able to watch on your DirecTV connection.

I am giving you the number of channels along with the first launch date of each of them too so that you can tune in directly to that particular channel using the remote. This list will give you the answer to your question what channel is ESPN on DirecTV?

DirecTV ESPN Channel – The List

Channel NameNumberLaunch Date
ESPN on ABC206September 2006
ESPN2209October 1993
ESPN Classic6141995
ESPNEWS207November 1996
ESPN Deportes466July 2001
ESPNU208March 2005
Longhorn Network407August 2011
SEC Network611August 2014
ACC Network612August 2019
ESPN HD206March 2003

So you see, it is much more profitable if you subscribe to ESPN and watch the channel on DirecTV if you are a sports lover.

What Does ESPN Plus Include?

ESPN is arguably the biggest channel in broadcasting sports. They are broadcasting a variety of sports for decades, and they are still the no. 1 choice of any sports lover. And ESPN offers their service ESPN Plus which includes original studio shows, more than thousands of live sports events, and even acclaimed events if they are not on the ESPN network t.

And it does not end here! ESPN Plus offers its subscribers the to purchase UFC PPV events too and gives access to an extensive archive where you will find many on-demand contents. It includes the whole of the 30 for 30 library, game replays, selected ESPN films, and much more.

The Game Programming On DirecTV

DirecTV has innovated a very special game programming that includes several games and sports in bundles for sports fans. Let me give you a brief idea of the game programming of DirecTV.

1. WWE

You can watch WWE on DirecTV on a Pay Per View plan. This is one of the masterstrokes of DirecTV. You can watch the WWE Superstars and all their fights, watch the upcoming list of fights, and everything about WWE on your DirecTV connection.

Watch your favorite WWE wrestlers like John Cena, Jeff Hardy, Edge, and Randy Orton fighting their opponents on your DirecTV and cheer for your favorite fighter.

You can use a DVR to record any WWE program using your mobile or PC. DirecTV offers almost every WWE program in HD.

2. Grand Slam Tennis

Lawn Tennis is another worldwide famous sport and DirecTV offers you all the Grand Slam tournaments of Tennis like the French Open, the US Open, the Australian Open, and the Wimbledon.

You can watch every single match of every Grand Slam tournament on DirecTV on a solitary channel called Wimbledon Mix channel or on an independent channel. And you can watch the Grand Slam matches on HD.

3. Grand Slam Golf

If you are a fan of Golf, then it can be assumed that you never miss a single Grand Slam Golf match.

On DirecTV, you can watch your favorite golfers playing golf tournaments like Grand Slam Golf, PGA Championship, and many other tournaments on different sports channels. And DirecTV offers all these golf matches and tournaments in HD quality.

4. NASCAR Hotpress

Even the NASCAR Hotpass is also available on DirecTV connections. You can watch every move, each lap, and every turn of the cars in HD quality.

You will get an infinite number of camera angles, the shots from the in-vehicle camera of the driver, and will be able to hear the chats of the drivers on the group radio of the drivers.

Can I Get ESPN Plus On My TV, Or Is It Just On Phones On Computers?

What Channel Is ESPN Plus On DirecTV

You can always get ESPN Plus on your TV if you have a smart TV. watch ESPN Plus on your smart TV using Amazon Fire TV, Roku, a DirecTV connection, or a streaming device from Apple.

Apart from TV, ESPN Plus is available on various devices like your smartphone and PC through the ESPN Plus app.

How To Watch ESPN Plus On Your TV?

Watch ESPN Plus on your smart TV using a DirecTV connection, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, or streaming devices from Apple.

What’s There To Watch On ESPN Plus?

Watch live MLB, MLS, and NHL matches in the active seasons of these tournaments on ESPN Plus. apart from these, there are college football, international soccer, UFC, PGA Golf, NASCAR Hotpass, WWE, Tennis, and a lot more to watch on ESPN Plus.

How Much Does ESPN Plus Cost?

The monthly subscription charge for ESPN Plus is just $6.99.


1. How Much is ESPN Plus on DirecTV?

DirecTV does not provide ESPN Plus with its service. You have to subscribe to ESPN Plus separately to watch it. The monthly subscription charge for ESPN Plus is $6.99.

2. Do I Have to Subscribe to ESPN to Watch UFC PPV?

Yes, you have to have an active ESPN Plus subscription to watch UFC PPV.

3. What is Spectrum Channel ESPNU?

Usually, ESPNU is on channel number 370 on Spectrum connections, but there are some regions where it comes on a different channel number.

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