Why Won’t My Roku Connect To Wi-Fi?

"Why Won't My Roku Connect To Wi-Fi?"  This could occur if the device you are using does not support the format used for the Wi-Fi password. Another possibility is that the issue is caused by something much more systemic, such as your Wi-Fi network's poor signal strength.

When connecting your Roku TV to Wi-Fi, you could run across error messages, even though Wi-Fi functions generally on other devices. Moreover, if you do not have an internet connection, the screen on your Roku TV will remain blank, and you will not be able to stream any video.

Types Of Errors You May Encounter

When you attempt to connect to a Wi-Fi network, you can encounter the following issues.

  • There was a problem connecting to the wireless Network.
  • Performing Tests on the Wireless Connection.
  • Not connected to the Internet. Please wait while we load more content.

How Do I Check My Roku’s Internet Connection Status?

Why Won't My Roku Connect To Wi-Fi

First, check whether your Roku is connected to the Internet and its signal strength.

  • Roku devices have the same interface. Roku sticks, Expresses, and built-in TVs are all the same.
  • Left on the remote opens the side menu from the home screen. Select Settings.
  • Right on the remote opens Settings, and Right again opens Network. Press Right again to focus on the Network.
  • There are two choices here, i.e., the About page and the Check connection tool. The About page has connection details, or we can utilize the Check Connection tool. The About page details are on the Right. Connection type, IP, mac, signal strength, wireless channel, and download speeds are listed here. If this information is missing, you’re not online. Skip if not connected.
  • Optional: Use the Check Connection tool if the About page says you’re connected but have problems. Scroll down to Check Connection and press OK to begin testing. A pop-up will display your Network, Internet, and signal/speed status.

Whether you’re connected, and the speeds are good, try streaming media to see if it works.

How To Fix Roku Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi?

1. Restart Roku

If only your Roku device can’t connect to Wi-Fi, try rebooting it while it’s built-in. System settings can restart Roku:

  • Open Settings on your smart TV with the Roku device plugged in.
  • System > Restart.
  • After restarting, test internet connectivity.

2. Wi-Fi Router Reboot

Power cycling your Wi-Fi router may help your Roku device connect. It re-initializes so Roku can identify it.

Steps to power cycle your Wi-Fi router:

  • Power down and unplug your Wi-Fi router.
  • Power down your Wi-Fi router for 30 seconds.
  • Please turn on your router and reconnect its power adapter.
  • Roku Settings > System > Network.
  • Select Wireless Wi-Fi and Setup New Wi-Fi connection.
  • Type the Wi-Fi password. Roku is now Wi-Fi-enabled.

3. Internet Connection Check

Why Won't My Roku Connect To Wi-Fi

If your Roku device is connected to the Internet, but your Wi-Fi is slow, try Roku’s Check Connection network check. It checks Wi-Fi strength and speed.

4. Roku internet connection check:

  • Network Settings.
  • Connect. After scanning, Roku will provide solutions.

Whether all your devices have slow Internet, check your ISP’s status page to see if they’re down. Contact your ISP directly to confirm this issue and find out when it will be fixed.

5. Move Roku Closer To The Router

If you’re using your Roku device far from your Wi-Fi router, move it closer to the router to see if that fixes the Wi-Fi problem.

Your Roku device can still connect to Wi-Fi, but you should move it closer to get faster Wi-Fi speeds. Also, avoid things that get in the way, like walls and mesh screens.

6. Use 5GHz Wi-Fi.

Your Wi-Fi router connects to multiple devices across your home at 2.4 GHz by default. If you only use your Network for Roku, you can temporarily use 5GHz Wi-Fi.

5 GHz bands offer speedier local communications but have limited reach. Set your Wi-Fi router to 5GHz.

7. Wi-Fi Router DNS Settings

Wi-Fi router DNS is crucial. It gives Wi-Fi devices IP addresses to connect to the Internet. If your Wi-Fi is slow, change its DNS settings.

Go to your router’s Wi-Fi settings.

  • Change DNS settings from internal to public.
  • Enter the values: 

             DNS 1:   


  • Restart your Wi-Fi router and see if your Roku device connects faster.

How To Restart Your Roku

Like many other electronic devices, Roku devices can sometimes be fixed by turning them off and on again.

Here’s how to turn your gadget back on:

  • To get to the side menu from the home screen, press Left on the remote. Then, move down until you see Settings.
  • To get to the Settings menu, press Right on the remote and scroll down to System. To go to the System menu, press the Right button.
  • Scroll down until you see System Restart > Restart. Press OK on the remote to confirm.
  • Wait until the Roku restarts.

What To Do When Your Roku Still Won’t Connect To The Internet?

Why Won't My Roku Connect To Wi-Fi

If you’ve tried all the steps above, it’s probably not your Roku device but your Network, router, or modem.

Here are a few more things you can try:

  • If your Wi-Fi router is having trouble connecting, check and fix it.
  • Start up your modem and router.
  • Move your Roku device to get a strong signal from the router.
  • Contact Roku support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do I Reset My Roku Network Settings?
Ans. To reset your Roku network settings, go to Settings > System > Advanced System Settings > Network Connection Reset. Select Factory Reset to restore all settings to the default.

Q2. Why Is Roku Not Working?

Ans. An internet outage or low signal can affect Roku’s functioning. If the Roku is freestanding, consider relocating it to better Wi-Fi. If you’re near your router, plug in an Ethernet cable for a more dependable wired connection and better speeds.

Q3. How Do I Fix My Roku If It Won’t Work?

Ans. Check all the connections and ensure you’re using the cables that came with your Roku if it won’t turn on. If the problem persists, unplug the Roku and plug it back in using a different power outlet.

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