How To Install Linux To Windows 10 Without An Admin Password

To install Linux to Windows 10 without an admin password, you need to create a new account in the command prompt but make sure to use a different set of commands. Let us understand how to do it.

So, just open the command prompt from the Start Menu and then right-click on the Results option. Now just select the Run as Administrator option.

Now you need to run the following commands.

net user administrator /active: yes

net localgroup administrators administrator /add

That’s it, now just restart your computer and log in with the new administrator account. Then you can install Linux to Windows 10 without an admin password.

What To Do Without Admin Password When Install Linux On Windows 10?

How To Install Linux To Windows 10 Without An Admin Password

If you don’t have an admin password while installing Linux on Windows 10, then you can try these three options.

• Remove the admin password access directly

• Try to reset the admin account if retaining is essential for you.

• Delete the previous account and create a new one.

Furthermore, Linux is an operating system that can be easily installed on Mac or Windows. It can be easily downloaded free of cost, but make sure that it will get installed on a computer with an admin password to gain accessibility.

The primary accounts of Windows 7,8,10, and 11 are administrator accounts. If you are keeping the password in mind then it is good or else you need to go with the options we have mentioned above. 

How To Install Linux On Windows Without Admin Rights?

How To Install Linux To Windows 10 Without An Admin Password

To install Linux on Windows you need to remember the admin password.

If you don’t remember the password of the admin account then the best option will be to create a new account. It will also help when your profile gets corrupted. So these are the steps that you need to follow.

● First of all, you need to boot your system with Windows Installation DVD.

● There, you will see an option on the Install Windows screen, you need to tap on the Repair option.

● Now if you are using Windows 8 or 10 then you need to tap on Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Command Prompt.

 copy d: \windows\system32\sethc.exe d: \

copy / y d: \windows\system32\cmd.exe


● Now just restart your device by removing the installation disk.

● The Login screen will appear, just tap on the Shift key five times to run the command prompt. 

● Now add this command to create a new admin account

net user {user_name} /add

net local group administrators {user_name} /add

• Now Reboot your PC and log in with your new admin account.

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How To Install Linux On Windows 11/10 With Admin Rights

To install Linux on Windows 11/10 with admin rights, you need to fulfill these basic requirements that we have mentioned below. Just follow the steps carefully to install Linux on Windows.

• At first, you need to search for diskmgmt.MSC in the search bar. Then just right-click on the hard drive and choose Shrink Volume.

• Now just choose the amount of shrink that you want in MB. Then just click on the Shrink button to proceed further.

• The next thing you need to do is to download Linux Distro in the ISO format.

• Now you need to insert a USB into your system and download the Rufus app.

• Then open the downloaded file and tap on the Select option under the Boot section.

•  Now just make the selection of the ISO file that you have downloaded and tap on Start.

• Then you need to enter the bootable Linux USH drive. Now just click on the Start menu and hold down the Shift key while pressing the Restart button.

• Now just tap on the Use a device option and find your computer to boost Linux.

That’s it, in this way, users can install Linux without needing an Admin password.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How Do I Install Software On Windows 10 Without Admin Rights?

Ans. Installing software in Windows 10 can be done by using installation files and commands in a notepad.

Here, we will copy the installation file and will command the PC to bypass the Run as Administrator command.

2 . Can You Install Linux Without A Password?

Ans. Yes, you can install Linux on your PC without entering any password. Well, you need to create a new admin account and have to keep the password remembered.

When you reboot your system, you need to enter new login credentials for the successful installation of Linux.

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