How To Install Bigger HDD On JTAG Xbox

Installing a new hard disk is a tough job. It may sound simple, but it’s not. To do this, first, you have to pull the four screws from the hard drive cage, which is hidden beneath the windows logo. You have to do this with the use of a T6 driver.

Then you have to separate the drive cage’s plastic components. After this, the dashboard will display the new unformatted drive. If no drives are displaying, then check your hardware.

Then provide the console’s serial number when it requests a partition and attach the blank disk. Insert a USB flash with FreeBOOT 0.3 and reformat it as a memory card. Use XYAF and inject the XeX loader games into the Data partition /Content/ 0000000000000000/C0DE folder. Drag the HDD Compatibility Partition Fixer v1 and other software to the root directory and install them. 

Now you have to check if the XeXLoader is listed in the Xbox 360 Dashboard’s game section and utilize the newly installed hard drive. Launch the HDD Compatibility Partition Fixer with XeXLoader and then reboot the console. You cannot access the Avatars and other Dashboard features until you install the dashboard on the primary storage device.

After decompressing the update package, copy it to the root of your USB driver. Then insert it again and update it. Your JTAG console will function properly after installing a whole new drive.

Some Sort of Hard Drive Is Needed to Do This

  • A hard disk is needed before anything. The 2TB Barracuda works great and is affordable. 
  • Ensure that it has a SATA interface. You will get them online at a low price. Seagate manufactures the drives. This has a very good review from the people who used them for PS4 modding.
  • There is also an alternative to this. You can buy hard drives WD Caviar Blue or Black series. However, this one is costly and rare to find on your Xbox.
  • Don’t forget to get a case for your new hard drive.

Let’s Get Started

  • First, open the Xbox by removing the two screws from each side of the DVD drive, followed by a slight separation from its housing.
  • You have to remove four additional screws after removing the drive. These are located exactly on each side of the DVD drive placement.
  • Then unscrew the four screws from the back of your Xbox. You have to remove it one by one from each corner where the DVD drive is mounted and remove the plastic piece carefully, as it should come off smoothly. 
  • Now remove the motherboard’s connections and unscrew it. You can unscrew one or two screws to remove it from the Xbox’s chassis, depending on which kind of screwdriver you are using.
  • Now invert it so its parts face upright by ensuring that all the wires are safe. Our 2.5-inch computer hard drive has a red arrow that’s a tiny plastic tab attempting to hold it down. 

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Xbox 360 SSD Upgrade

how to install bigger hdd on jtag xbox

Do you think that if you replace a hard drive, you’ll lose all your data? Don’t worry; it won’t happen. You can upgrade your SSD and make it faster and more modern and also won’t lose any data. Sounds good? Let’s see how.

Transfer all the game data from the Xbox to a solid-state drive. After that, swap the Xbox’s original SSD with the clone SSD.

This is the way you can use this disc cloning method to upgrade your SSD by protecting all your gaming data. 

Does Xbox 360 Fat Hard Drive Upgrade?

First, with a Torx T6 screwdriver, remove the four Philip bolts attached to the Xbox 360 hard drive. Then remove the cover and the top. After that, separate the SATA cable and power wire with your index finger. Now open the panel on the side of the console. 

The panel’s opening should face the console and should be on the right side. Check the position of your hard disk properly. It takes some time to achieve perfection, and it’s crucial to note that the 360 thin does not need closure for HDD.

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Xbox 360 Slim Hard Drive Upgrade

how to install bigger hdd on jtag xbox

For Xbox players, it’s not a big deal to upgrade the old HDD to a bigger one. You can migrate Xbox 360 games from an old HDD by following a few simple things. Here they are:

  • First, you have to attach both the Xbox 360 slim HDD and the new HDD to the PC. 
  • Then get disk clone software to upgrade or clone your HDD to a Large Drive in your Xbox 360 slim. 
  • Lastly, replace the hard drive with the updated hard drive in your Xbox 360.

frequently asked questions

Q. Is the Xbox One External Hard Drive Not Showing Up?
If your Xbox is unable to recognize your external storage continuously. Then Remove the storage device and reconnect it again. Make sure to connect it to a different USB port on the console.

Q. How Many Tbs Can You Put on An Xbox 360?
 You can transfer and store up to 512 MB of data by using the Xbox 360 memory unit. 

Q. How Do I Upgrade My Xbox 360 RGH Hard Drive?
First, unplug your Xbox 360 Drive and install the Xbox 360 hard drive. Then partition the hard drive and boot it from the USB and take the drive out. Now the drive enclosure is open so insert the new device storage into your computer. 

Read the warnings before installing a large hard disk on any Xbox 360. Always have the correct tools, and also make sure to have a console of the correct version because you don’t want to ruin all the effort by installing a wrong drive in your Xbox. After having all the correct tools and the right console still, there is a lot of work needed to upgrade a larger hard disk. 

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